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Compare ranges of variables in 'many' data


compare_ranges(datacube, dataset = "all", variable)



A datacube from one of the many packages.


A dataset in a datacube from one of the many packages. By default, "all". That is, all datasets in the datacube are used. To select two or more datasets, please declare them as a vector.


Please declare a variable present in one or more datasets in the 'many' datacube. For multiple variables, please declare variable names as a vector.


compare_ranges() returns a tibble with information about the minimal, maximal, average, and median values for selected variables in datacubes.


compare_ranges() compares the number of observations, variables, the earliest and latest date in each dataset in a 'many' datacube.


# \donttest{
compare_ranges(emperors, variable = c("Begin", "End"))
#> # A tibble: 6 × 6
#>   Dataset    Variable Min        Max        Mean        Median    
#>   <chr>      <chr>    <chr>      <chr>      <chr>       <chr>     
#> 1 wikipedia  Begin    -26-01-16  -26-01-16  -26-01-16   -26-01-16 
#> 2 wikipedia  End      14-08-19   14-08-19   14-08-19    14-08-19  
#> 3 UNRV       Begin    NA         NA         -2027-07-02 NA        
#> 4 UNRV       End      NA         NA         -2014-07-02 NA        
#> 5 britannica Begin    NA         NA         -2031-07-02 NA        
#> 6 britannica End      2014-01-01 2014-12-31 2014-07-02  2014-07-02
# }