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Call treaties from 'many' datasets


  treaty_type = NULL,
  variable = NULL,
  actor = NULL,
  key = "manyID"



A dataset in a datacube from one of the many packages. NULL by default. That is, all datasets in the datacube are used. For multiple datasets, please declare datasets as a vector (e.g. c("dataset1", "dataset2")).


The type of treaties to be returned. NULL, by default. Other options are "bilateral" or "multilateral".


Would you like to get one, or more, specific variables present in one or more datasets in the 'many' datacube? NULL by default. For multiple variables, please declare variable names as a vector.


An actor variable in dataset. NULL by default. If declared, a tibble of the treaties and their member actors is returned.


A variable key to join datasets. 'manyID' by default.


call_treaties() returns a tibble with a list of the agreements.


Certain datasets, or consolidated datacubes, in 'many' packages contains information on treaties which can be retrieved with call_treaties().

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# \donttest{
membs <- dplyr::tibble(manyID = c("ROU-RUS[RFP]_1901A",
"ROU-RUS[RFP]_1901A", "GD16FI_1901A"),
stateID = c("ROU", "RUS", "DNK"),
Title = c("Convention Between Roumania And Russia Concerning Fishing
In The Danube And The Pruth",
"Convention Between Roumania And Russia Concerning Fishing
In The Danube And The Pruth",
"Convention Between The Governments Of Denmark And
The United Kingdom Of Great Britain
And Northern Ireland For Regulating The Fisheries
Of Their Respective Subjects Outside
Territorial Waters In The Ocean Surrounding The Faroe Islands"),
Begin = c("1901-02-22", "1901-02-22", "1901-06-24"))
#> # A tibble: 2 × 1
#>   manyID            
#>   <chr>             
#> 1 ROU-RUS[RFP]_1901A
#> 2 GD16FI_1901A      
call_treaties(membs, treaty_type = "bilateral",
variable = c("Title", "Begin"))
#> # A tibble: 1 × 3
#>   manyID             Title                                                 Begin
#>   <chr>              <chr>                                                 <chr>
#> 1 ROU-RUS[RFP]_1901A "Convention Between Roumania And Russia Concerning F… 1901…
call_treaties(membs, variable = c("Title", "Begin"), actor = "stateID")
#> # A tibble: 2 × 4
#>   manyID             Memberships Title                                     Begin
#>   <chr>              <chr>       <chr>                                     <chr>
#> 1 GD16FI_1901A       DNK         "Convention Between The Governments Of D… 1901…
#> 2 ROU-RUS[RFP]_1901A ROU, RUS    "Convention Between Roumania And Russia … 1901…
# }